National Comparative Exams

National Comparative Exams are certified exams used as a criterion in the acceptance processes of many Czech and Slovak universities and colleges.

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National Comparative Exams or NCE ("Národní srovnávací zkoušky; NSZ" in Czech) are certified exams used as a criterion in the acceptance processes of many Czech and Slovak universities and colleges.

national comparative exams

These tests are administered six times a year, at 30 locations in the Czech Republic and eight locations in Slovakia. NCE have been used by more than 70 faculties (university departments) and colleges. There are Faculties of Law, Architecture, Economy, Social sciences or Engineering among them. Each year, NCE are taken by over 20,000 university applicants. All of the tests are taken in the Czech language (with the obvious exception of language tests), but most  of them can also be taken in the Slovak language.

Most applicants take the test of General Academic Prerequisites (GAP). This test is similar to the GRE (Graduate Record Examinations, see test model, which has been used in tertiary education in the United States since 1966. (More about GAP

Students have the possibility to sit for exams in the following modules: