Projects and services

Scio has been plying the waters of education since 1995 and is behind the establishment of the innovative ScioSchool, as well as a number of projects for schools, parents and children. It is the implementer and guarantor of National Comparative Exams. The company is staffed by a diverse range of people who combine interest in education with constant monitoring of trends in this field.


We establish schools that prepare children for life in the changing world of the future. At our schools, children are partners and are given the freedom and responsibility that suits them.

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National Comparative Exams

National Comparative Exams or NCE ("Národní srovnávací zkoušky; NSZ" in Czech) are certified exams used as a criterion in the acceptance processes of many Czech and Slovak universities and colleges.

Projects for children and parents:

Games, programmes, camps

With the idea that education is truly important, we strive to offer children aged 3-16 a wide variety of free-time programmes and games.

Preparation for secondary-school entrance exams

For those applying to secondary school, we have developed a broad offer of prepared products that fully correspond to state entrance exams.

Primary and secondary schools:

Testing and evaluation

Scio has been collaborating with elementary and secondary schools for more than ten years. Every year, an average of 11,500 students from more than 2,000 schools (i.e. 36% of schools in the Czech Republic) take part in our projects. We annually evaluate more than 33,000 tests.

World of literacy

This comprehensive service is aimed at developing students’ literacy (e.g. reading literacy) and includes everything from an adaptive test of reading literacy and tips on selecting books to suggestions and tips focused on instruction. All aspects of the service are interlinked and comprehensible.

National testing

Nationwide testing contains unique comparative tests that serve for obtaining high-quality and unbiased feedback and comparisons of hundreds of schools throughout the Czech Republic.

School climate

The School Map questionnaire-based survey provides schools and founders with comprehensive information on the atmosphere in a given school, relations between all actors in the life of the school and their opinions and attitudes, and on potential problem areas

Test development

All of our tests are formulated using a so-call Authorial Tool (AT), which is the result of SCIO’s own research.