At Scio, we have been innovating in education for 28 years and we still enjoy it

Ondřej Šteffl is the man behind our creation. In 1995, he came up with the idea to create a system of standardized exams (already common in the USA at that time) that our universities would use for admissions. The idea was implemented and 30,000 students applying to university each year meet with the National Comparative Exams.

Over the following years, the company grew from 2 to nearly 60 employees, and we developed validation and benchmarking tests and surveys that are regularly used by one-third of the schools in the Czech republic. We implement preparation for high school entrance exams, and we came up with the popular Emoshee toy to support the development of emotional intelligence in children.

We have established our own network of ScioSchools - 16 primary, 3 secondary and 2 so-called expeditionary schools.

In the last year, we have been focusing masinly on technical innovations. We launched our own online testing application Sciolink, which uses elements of artificial intelligence to ensure the regularity of university entrance exams.

What is important to us

Over the more than 20 years of our company's life, we have learned through trial and error that free working hours contribute to efficiency, openness leads to respect, trusting people pays off and, above all, that meaning at work is one of the best motivators. It reduces turnover, increases satisfaction and, ultimately, economic performance.

📍 Scio is based in Prague, Czech Republic.

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