Projects for children and parents

With the idea that education is truly important, we strive to offer children aged 3-16 a wide variety of free-time programmes and games.

Projects for children and parents

Our goal is to show children and parents that learning is not boring, but rather a challenge for which the children themselves bear responsibility. 

We endeavour to help and motivate children through projects based on exploration, various educational processes and techniques, a friendly approach and setting requirements that are occasionally somewhat outside their comfort zone. We support their internal motivation so that they always enjoy expanding their horizons and finding their bearings in the world in which they live. We also often involve parents in our activities. We believe that the family plays the primary role in a child’s life and it is important that education and the sharing of knowledge take place in parallel on a similar basis at home, at school and outside of school. Children thus gain security and a well-rounded approach to all resources that they can use.

For the youngest children, we have Afternoon ScioSchool, where they experiment, discover, learn and get to know the world through topics that they choose themselves, using games in a safe and friendly environment.

ScioCAMPS are intended for children who have the ambition to constantly improve both in and outside of school. ScioCAMPS use modern pedagogical approaches and methods. Courses are led by friendly and professional instructors. Four subjects are available: How to Learn, How to Communicate, How to Learn Languages and How to Use Your Strengths.

We strive to sensibly support that which is most important for pre-schoolers. And that is play. You can find a collection of the best in Educational Toys, though we have also developed our own toys in cooperation with experts from the pedagogical and psychological spheres.

Emoshees are books and toys focused on the development of emotional intelligence of children aged 3-12. Emotional intelligence is an important ability that has a significant impact on the life of every person. Ferda the Frog, a plush toy that is part of the package, serves as a friendly guide for children and in a playful manner familiarises them with basic emotions. Together with his friends, the flies, each of which represents a different emotion, Ferda experiences situations that every child may encounter in everyday life. Thanks to these comprehensible stories, children are able to imagine how different emotions are shown.

Island Action is a board game intended for all children who want to be ready for school. Island Action contains interesting game pieces and the possibility to create one’s own manner of playing and rules. The adventure theme is attractive for all children and is an original way to develop their skills and abilities.

Because the desire for education should never be extinguished, we also keep parents in mind. We organise regular meetings for them under the name Coffee and Education, which comprise lectures on interesting and current topics in the area of education.

For children and parents, we also offer the Test of Strengths, which shows the characteristics that children and their parents can use to their advantage and which ones form the driving force in their lives.

Preparation for secondary-school entrance exams

For those applying to secondary school, we have developed a broad offer of prepared products that fully correspond to state entrance exams. We are the provider of the most comprehensive offer of prepared materials for secondary-school entrance exams in the Czech Republic. Our preparation has four basic pillars.

We offer an attendance course, in which students not only prepare under the guidance of instructors for the exam and its structure, but also discover important aspects of the curriculum. For those who are interested, three times a year we conduct Rough Entrance Exams, where students can experience the atmosphere and demanding nature of entrance exams in a safe environment. 

For students who prefer individual preparation at home, we offer online courses and tests, as well as printed tests and workbooks.