NCE Certificate

The certificate is a printed or electronic document evidencing participation in the National Comparative Examinations (NCE) and the result achieved by the NCE participant. Some faculties may directly require proof of the NCE result through a certificate. Which variant of certificate your faculty requires can be found on faculty profile.

Security features of the printed certificate

The NCE certificate is equipped with security features that prevent unauthorized tampering with the certificate. The security features are as follows:

  • verification code (at the bottom edge); for verification see above
  • fine (difficult to print) background structure ('NCE'; '' in certificate version 2008 and earlier)
  • double-sided printing of the certificate

Certificate verification

The verification code is used to reverse verify the certificate owner. The code is shown at the bottom edge of the certificate. After entering the code, the result shown on the certificate will be verified. If the code is entered correctly, the following data will be displayed:

  • an abbreviation containing the first and third characters of the certificate owner's first and last name (e.g. Jan Novák = JNNV),
  • every second digit of the birth number (e.g. 7812059911 = 82591),
  • the participant's result in the form of the harmonised percentile as it appears on the certificate.

Verification of the certificate