Faculty of Economics and Administrations

If you are applying for masters study programs taught in English, it is necessary to demonstrate your English Language Proficiency and your Academic Competence with certificates or by taking Scio tests. List of certificates can be found on the faculty's website. If you do not have one of the certificates, you can take the online SCIO test for both English proficiency - the English test (EN) and Academic competencythe General Academic Prerequisites test (GAP).

You have to register to these tests on this site.

Scio sends your result to the faculty, just make sure to check the box Send the best result to the faculties to which I apply” during your registration to the exam. This does not apply to programs taught in Czech, where you must deliver the results by a certificate.

Dates of the exams:

  • GAP: 13. 8. 2024, 15. 10. 2024
  • EN: 13. 8. 2024, 15. 10. 2024