Faculty of Arts

The entrance examination is carried out in the form of tests and specific examination. For most study programmes, the faculty requires General academic prerequisites test (GAP). For some study programmes in the field of translation and interpreting, in addition to the GAP test, the applicant is also obliged to take part in a language test (English, German or Spanish). For study programmes with two language tests, the GAP test is not required (detailed information on the required examinations and tests for individual study programmes can be found on faculty website). For the study programme Central European Studies (SPE implemented in English) the applicant only takes an English language test.

You have to register to this test on this site. You can take the test more than once, only the best achieved result counts and is sent to the faculty. 

Dates of the tests:

  • GAP: 3. 2. 2024, 2. 3. 2024
  • EN: 3. 2. 2024, 2. 3. 2024,  23. 3. 2024
  • GER, ES: 23. 3. 2024